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Volume Bodybuilding Workout

One of the controlling factors in bodybuilding is the volume employed in a weekly routine. Certainly low volume training has its place, but to shock the muscles into new growth, a high volume training season can be effective. And remember this – some of the top bodybuilders, Mr. Olympia winners such as Arnold Schwarzenegger used high volume all the time. That’s right, Arnold cranked up the volume and never let it off. And he is the most famous bodybuilder of all time – something to think about.

So how does a high volume workout look? Here is an example:

High Volume Chest Workout
Incline Bench press 5 x 10
Bench Press – 5 x 8
Cable flyes, prone – 3 x 15
Decline Bench press - 3 x 10
Wrap up with 2 set of explosive push ups

That workout places a heavy workload on the chest muscles.

Here is another example:

High Volume Biceps Workout
Barbell curls 5 x 10
Reverse grip chin ups - 3 sets of 7
Preacher bench cable curls – 6 x 6
Dumbbell incline curls – 2 x 10

If you use a significant weight load on each set, that workout will really zap your arms. What is a significant load? Enough weight so that the final 2-3 sets.

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