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Jay Cutler Workout

Jay Cutler the bodybuilder made the name famous long before the football player came on the scene as he rose to the top of bodybuilding, becoming one of the few bodybuilders ever to win the Mr. Olympia title, and he won it multiple times - an even rarer accomplishment.

Like his construction/concrete background, Jay is a blue-collar bodybuilder who has exhibited tremendous longevity in the sport. He has competed at the very top level of the sport in three different decades. He is also super persistent, having finished second multiple times, and then come back to take the top prize.

Cutler combines intelligence with super intensity to force his body to yield to his will. He uses various training methods and is not afraid to switch and try new techniques if he thinks it will benefit him. One of his training strategies is to split his session up so that he can devote the entire training time to one muscle group.

For instance, he might do his hamstring training in the morning, and his quadriceps training in the afternoon. Or his shoulder work on a different morning, and his triceps in the afternoon. By splitting his training into such elements he can provide maximum concentration and intensity for each muscle group.

Jay really unloads on the area chose for the workout. For instance, many people will hit the trapezius muscles with a few sets and call it good. For Jay, however, the workload for the traps is anything but marginal. Here is how one of his trap workouts is put together:

Deadlifts 5 sets of 8-10 repetitions
Machine pullovers 5 sets of 8-10 repetitions
Dumbbell shrugs 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions
Behind-the-back barbell shrugs 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions
Upright rows 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions

Thatís a lot of work (almost 20 sets) for an area that most people ignore but it is what Mr. Olympia does to build mountainous traps.

If you want to follow in Mr. Oís footsteps, you dedicate each training session to a single muscle group and then hit it super hard. For the chest, you would want that targeting to include a lot of dumbbell pressing - flat bench, incline, and even decline dumbbell presses.

For the biceps, Jay uses the heavy barbell curl along with other standard movements such as the dumbbell curl and preacher bench curl. For the legs, Jay says squats are number one and every bodybuilder needs to do them. He also does heavy duty leg extensions, hack squats and leg presses and will also include some lunge work. And he devotes an entire workout session to the hamstrings and the calves.

A shoulder workout includes a start with dumbbell side laterals (3 sets of 12 repetitions) dumbbell presses for the same reps, side lateral work with a cable pulley, front raises and bent over dumbbell laterals.

Jayís big back may require a couple of sessions to work through. He mixes machines and free weights, using the Hammer Strength rowing machine (both two arm and one arm movements) as well as barbell rows, machine pullovers, and several sets of deadlifts.

For his triceps, Jay uses cable work along with close grip bench pressing, some French press supersets, dumbbell kickbacks and dips. Finally, for the abs he employs crunches, hanging leg raises and rope crunches.

Jayís training has evolved over the years but he has always maintained his incredible intensity to keep him at the front of the bodybuilding world.

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