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Female Bodybuilding Workout Routine

Bodybuilding for Women - A Great Workout

Although female bodybuilding isn't as popular as male bodybuilding, it is still a sport that thousands of women across the world enjoy participating in. But, these women will need to work twice as hard to get the same muscles their male counterparts seem to so easily gain. You can thank lower testosterone and more estrogen in women. This means a good bodybuilding plan needs to be in place!

Find your Bodybuilding Routine

Women must commit to their bodybuilding routine, as well as be prepared and determined to get the ripped body they dream of. The right routine for a woman interested in bodybuilding differs according to the level of training that you have had. For beginners, an intense workout 3 days per week is sufficient. This workout should include a variety of building exercises, including bench pressing, leg presses, curls, thigh curls and similar exercises. Ensure that you build muscles throughout the body! Beginners should workout for 30 to 45 minutes each session, with at least 48 hours to rest between them.

You should make sure that you drink plenty of water as you are working out, avoiding sports drinks whenever possible. Water flushes the body of toxins, making it easier to deplete fat and gain muscle. And, it keeps you hydrated and feeling great!

Increase Muscles Rapidly

Ladies should also consider circuit weight training and completing supersets to help them quickly build muscles and burn fat. With supersets you perform one set of one exercise, on to the next exercise and complete a set without rest in between. This intensifies the workout greatly. Circuit weight training allows you to work more muscles in the body with exercise stations. They are also popular among women bodybuilders.

Although it isn't as easy for women to gain muscles for bodybuilding as it is men, it is certainly more than possible for those ladies who are dedicated and committed to exercising, eating healthy and taking the other steps needed. The above mentioned workout is highly recommended for those who are taking the first steps toward gaining that ripped body. Make sure that you commit to it.

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