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Bowflex Workouts

Some bodybuilders may scoff at the idea of training with a Bowflex machine but you can actually get in a good workout with these unique machines. The line of Bowflex products has actually grown to three different types of workout apparatus offerings - the original, an upright style machine, and the newer machine that has an entirely different design which is based on circular plates around a cam.

A serious bodybuilder shouldn’t base their building a muscular foundation on the Bowflex, or any other machine for that matter. Nothing, absolutely nothing, replaces hard core free weight training for ultimate body development. Remember this - the ultimate for athletic body development is always ground based training. That said, the Bowflex does offer a strong stimulation of the body and can be a great complimentary tool to regular weight training.

Bowflex has one advantage over standard training - it puts constant tension on the muscles. At times during work with weights the tension can come off the muscles and allow them to relax, if ever so briefly. Not so with the Bowflex, which keeps the tension tight on the muscles. That aspect is great for getting a good pump.

If you are into circuit training this machine is also handy because you have a few dozen different exercises you can hit right away. The Bowflex is made to allow you to a wide range of exercises (80) that can be done quickly.

Bowflex Routine

Here is a routine that BowFlex has set up to hit the entire shoulder region:

Seated Shoulder Press 3 x 8 repetitions
Standing Lateral Deltoid Raise 3 x 8 repetitions
Seated Front Deltoid Raise 3 x 8 repetitions
Seated Rear Deltoid Row 3 x 8 repetitions

The entire routine can be done quickly and efficiently. And since it is a tension type of movement, try cranking up the reps to a higher level, and really get a pump. For instance:

Seated Shoulder Press 3 x 12-15 repetitions
Standing Lateral Deltoid Raise 3 x 12-15 repetitions
Seated Front Deltoid Raise 3 x 12-15 repetitions
Seated Rear Deltoid Row 3 x 12-15 repetitions

Note: A great deal of workout and exercise options can be found at BowFlex’s web site.

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