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Bodyweight Only Workout

There are many people that think body weight training is worthless and that weights are the only way to go.

There are also some that say that bodyweight only workouts are much better than weight training and will build muscle and strength faster.

So like many other subjects there is controversy.

I personally don't get involved with such arguments and leave that to the people that see things as only black or white, right or wrong, etc.

I use weights and I also use bodyweight exercises and I get great results from both.

There are times, such as when I am traveling or too busy to get to the gyms, when all I do is a bodyweight only workout.

The trick is to make it challenging and progressive to make great gains from it.

Here is an example of a bodyweight bodybuilding routine that I have used with really good results in muscle size, strength and endurance.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

This is a circuit routine meaning there is no rest between exercises.

Handstand push ups
Chin ups
Deep knee bends
Push ups
Stomach crunches

I would go though all the exercises rest for two minutes and then repeat, rest another two minutes and do the circuit one last time.

Another way to make the exercise harder are to do one limb at a time such as one legged squat, one arm push ups, etc.

Try this type of workout when you are out of town or can't get to the gym - it is a lot harder than you would think!

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