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Split Routines for Bodybuilding

When first starting bodybuilding it is recommended that you do full body workouts three nonconsecutive days a week, usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Most beginners will make very fast progress in both muscle strength and size working their whole body in one workout.

But as you get stronger and also add more exercises to your training, working the full body in one session gets to be too long and too exhausting. That is why when someone reaches the intermediate stage of bodybuilding they usually switch over to some type of split routine.

Below are examples of some of the best bodybuilding split routines:

Upper Body Lower Body Split - this is one of the very first split routines that was developed and has you doing your upper body one day and your lower body on another day.

Push Pull Split - you work all exercises that are pushing movement such as bench press on one day and all exercises that are pulling movements such as chin ups on another day.

Every Other Day Split - you work one half of your body and take the next day off, then work the other half of your body and take the next day off, etc.

Three Way Split - this would be splitting the body up into three sections such as 1) chest, shoulders and triceps 2) leg, calves and abdominal 3) back, biceps and forearms - working each section on different days.

One Muscle a Day Split - you would work only one body part a day but you would do a high amount exercises and sets to really pump the muscle to the max. An example would be chest on Monday, back on Tuesday, Legs on Wednesday, shoulders on Thursday and arms on Friday.

There any many other types of split routines to use for bodybuilding but the above are found to work the best for most people that try them.

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