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Bodybuilding Running Routine

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Bodybuilding Running Workout

Most bodybuilders think that running and bodybuilding do not go together but the truth is that running can very effectively improve your bodybuilding if done correctly. It is long distance running that will negatively affect your strength gains but not running in general.

Sprints and shuttle runs will improve your ability to build muscle because these activities will recruit fast-twitch muscles in your entire the body. These short bursts of running will never burn muscle mass but rather increase muscle fiber recruitment.

Running of any sort will obviously improve cardiovascular capacity as well as your overall fitness and your ability to recuperate. How and when you run should be limited to after your workout, if your primary objective is to gain muscle mass. However if you get into the habit of running after a tough workout, the benefits will quickly show itself, without losing muscle.

Science has now proven the benefit of sprinting on a regular basis. If you want to change the speed of your metabolism, lose fat and work your abs all at the same time then sprints is the answer. If you have access to a running track outdoors the routine listed below will be a lot easier.

If you are already fit and run on a regular basis then after completing the sprint workout below you could do 40 yard sprints followed by a light jog for 20 yards to recuperate and then repeat. But if you do the following workout twice a week you will see results fast.

High knees for min 40 yards: 3 repetitions rest for full recovery

Quick feet for min 40 yards: 3 repetitions rest for full recovery

Striding run for 40 yards: 3 repetitions rest for full recovery

Bounding drills for min 40 yards: 3 repetitions rest for full recovery

These sprints can also be done on a treadmill in the gym but it needs constant monitoring and manipulation as you sprint and then relax until you are fully recovered. Some fat-loss specialists encourage this type of training to speed up fat loss without losing any muscle for upcoming bodybuilding events that might require radical fat-loss.

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