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Bodybuilding HST Workout

HST (Hypertrophy-Specific Training) is a training technique or principal that is based on what has been conclusively proven to happen at cellular level in the laboratory. Without going into the complex proof that shows us exactly how a muscle is able to grow in size we will examine a few basic principles and how it applies to creating an effective workout.

Science now understand exactly what makes a muscle grow involving many factors ranging from the release of MAPk/ERK, hormone factors, satellite cells, calcium transfer and many other adjustable requirements to ensure muscle hypertrophy. The HST routine is based on four key principals involved in hypertrophy.

Mechanical Load: The weight and range of motion required for hypertrophy

Acute vs. Chronic Stimuli: Frequency of workouts for hypertrophy

Progressive Load: The load required for neural adaptations and hypertrophy

Strategic Deconditioning: Increasing the weight when required adaptation has been completed.

Without going into the complex principals listed above, the bottom line that has been achieved from all the laboratory proof on how muscle hypertrophy happens is put in a routine listed below. The HST workout below might seem short on volume only doing 9 sets a week for legs and chest and 12 sets for back, but this is what science proves to us is the most effective way to build muscle.

The reps listed in the HST program below is something that should be changed as the weight you can lift increases. It is recommended that the reps used should be from 15 to 5 reps depending on the weight lifted. HST insists that doing more than 2 sets per body-part is only going to burn calories but will not build muscle, less is more.

Squats 1x10
Stiff Legged Deadlift 2x10
Incline Bench 2x10
Dips 1x10
Chins 2x10
Cable or bent-over Rowing 2x10
Chins 2x10
Shrugs 1x10
Shoulder Press 1x10
D/B Lateral Raise 1x10
Bent-over D/B raises 1x10
DB Curls 2x10
Triceps Ext. 2x10
Standing Calf Raise 2x10
Crunches 2x10

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