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Cutting Workout for Bodybuilding

The idea of creating a cutting routine is quite a controversial topic in the bodybuilding community because there are basically two schools of thought on the subject. The one group believes that you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time and the other group believes that it is impossible and has to be done separately.

The suggestion from the second group who say that you need to build mass and add some fat to your body during winter to get strong and add as much muscle as possible by eating lots and training hard, holds a lot of fact in it. But the bottom line once again is always going to be dictated to by your nutrition and your training.

This is where the second group of bodybuilders in the community continue to get good results by gaining muscle AND losing fat at the same time. This is now something that has been scientifically proven to work and although your rate at building muscle may be a little bit slower, the muscle that you get will be seen and will be permanent.

It is called training for the ‘After-burn’ effect or the EPOC (Excess Post- exercise Consumption) and basically shows that you will burn up to four times more calories for 48 hours after you train. This will help you build muscle AND lose fat at the same time if you are eating correctly.

If you want an effective cutting routine then what you mean is that you want to lose fat and not lose any muscle in the process. Basically you have a choice of two options and the first of these is the long drawn out low intensity cardio workouts where you will burn a lot of calories while you are doing it.

The second choice is something called HIIT training or High Intensity Interval Training where you will be training fast and resting as short a time between sets as possible. There are experts that will tell you that this type of training will help you lose fat but you will never gain any muscle.

Science has now proven this wrong as training with HIIT only three days a week or doing a split routine will get you fitter and stronger over time. We all know that progressive resistance builds muscle and if you get stronger your muscles will grow and that is a fact.

There are many different variations that you can make to your own HIIT training program to ensure that you build muscle and always get the ‘After-burn’ effect. For example you could simply adjust the time you rest between sets to make sure that the weight feels heavier or you can add a little weight on when you can do it without reaching failure.

The experts agree that planning a set of 10 to 12 reps and failing when you reach 8 reps then resting for 10 or 15 seconds and attempting to complete another 5 reps works well. This is high intensity and should only be done by people who have been training for more than a year.

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