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8x8 Bodybuilding Routine

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Bodybuilding 8x8 Workout

The 8 X 8 program is in a league of its own, Vince Gironda called it the honest workout. It is brutally honest and brutally tough, based on the post-exhaust technique designed to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. It is an extremely tough workout for intermediate level bodybuilders who already have some decent conditioning to their bodies. The 8 X 8 or eight sets of eight reps program developed by the late Vince Gironda is based on the 10 X 10 German volume training technique that recommends doing this with 60% to 70% of 1RM. However when starting this tough 8 X 8 workout one should start off with 50% 1RM because of the intense 30 second rest required.

The volume that one does in this program together with the 30 second rest time will push your calorie burning to the max, reaching the after-burn EPOC effect that helps you lose fat fast. It is recommended that you use a weight that is 30% or 40% less than you 8 RM.

As you will see from the routine listed below the program requires two consecutive days of training followed by two days rest for full recuperation. You will see only one movement per body-part doing 8 sets of 8 reps for each movement ONLY resting 30 seconds between sets, so this is tough.

Day 1:
Warm-up with 10 minutes of cardio
Barbell bench press 8 X 8 reps
Push press 8 X 8 reps
Barbell squat 8 X 8 reps
Triceps dips 8 X 8 reps
Biceps curl (EZ bar) 8 X 8 reps
Rack pull 8 X 8 reps
D/B shrugs 8 X 8 reps
Seated leg curls 8 X 8 reps

Day 2: 10 minutes cardio for warm-up
Cable flys 8 X 8 reps
D/B Lateral raise 8 X 8 reps
Jump squat 8 X 8 reps
Triceps rope push-downs 8 X 8 reps
Lying cable biceps curls 8 X 8 reps
Lat pull-downs 8 X 8 reps
Upright cable rows 8 X 8 reps
Barbell lunges 8 X 8 reps

Days 3 & 4: Rest

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