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What is the best bodybuilding workout routine?

Is there really such a thing as the best bodybuilding routine?

Is there a workout that gets the fastest results for everyone that tries it?

Everyone seems to be a constant search for such a workout program, they read books, magazines, websites, etc.

But they haven't found it yet so they keep looking.

Maybe the pros know the best routine or maybe the top personal trainers?

But the pro bodybuilders don't all train the same and the top trainers all give out different and many times conflicting advice.

I like everyone else have looked high and low for the best bodybuilding routine. I have read all the books, magazines, spent countless hours searching the Internet, I have talked to and worked out with pro bodybuilders and been trained by top trainers.

And after decades of searching, I have decided that there is no one best bodybuilding routine and here is why...

Your body constantly adapts to any workout you do!

Youy body will adapt in as little as three workouts and then gains will slow down or even stop!

So you can't do just one routine, you have the change exercises, set schemes, rap ranges, techniques, etc. to keep your body from getting used to what you are doing.

You should keep doing a workout program as long as it is giving you results, but when it goes stale you have to make some changes to start gaining again.

And you should keep a journal to look back and see what in the past has worked best for you, so that you have a "bag of tricks" to reach into when you need a great workout technique to use again.

Some of the things I found work best for me are - pre exhaust, drop sets, rest pause, volume training, light one workout and heavy the next, slow continuous tension, peak contraction, positions of flexion, etc.

I use these now and again, but I also try new techniques all the time and if I find they work I add them to my growing repertoire.

That's why I put up this website - to share with you all the best training routines I have found so far.

I hope you get as good if not better results from them than I have.

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