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Arthur Jones Workouts

Back in the early 1970's all the top bodybuilders were doing volume training for two hours a day (and even twice a day) six days a week.

But then along came Arthur Jones who had just invented Nautilus equipment and also developed his own brand of workouts he called High Intensity Training.

Arthur said that all bodybuilders were over training, and that they could get much better results by working out for only 45 minutes or less three days a week.

He said that rather then doing endless easier sets, all you need to do it two or three sets of all out effort to momentary muscle failure and then get out of the gym to allow the muscle growth you just stimulated to occur.

And rather than doing a split routine working different body parts on different days, he felt it was much better to work the whole body in one workout and let the whole body rest the next day.

Here is an example of the type of routine Arthur Jones suggested for bodybuilding:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Leg extension
Leg curl
Calf raise
Chin up
Barbell row
Bench press
Dumbbell Fly
Shoulder press
Dumbbell lateral raise
Barbell Curl
Triceps extension
Ab crunch

After your warm up do just one or two sets of approximately 8 to 12 reps only stopping when you reach muscle failure, meaning you can't do another rep no matter how hard you try.

Do not cheat use only weights you can handle with perfect from.

When you can do 12 or more reps of an exercise add five percent more weight on your next workout.

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