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12 Week Bodybuilding Workout Plan

12 weeks is a good measure to find out if you are doing everything correctly. If you are not making a noticeable difference after doing something for 12 weeks then you are doing something wrong. If the primary objective is muscle gain then you need to first consider your knowledge about feeding yourself correctly.

If you are going to spend the effort and a little time into working out then you need to also make sure that you spend the time and effort to eat correctly as well. If you want to increase your muscle mass then you need to get stronger, and that only comes from consistent intense workouts on a regular basis.

High Intensity Training (HIT) has proven itself to be the fastest way to put on muscle. What this means in your workouts, even if you have never trained before, the amount of time you rest between sets. You will quickly learn about your strength and how it changes as you get tired or out of breath.

It is this type of training and getting to the point of failure which builds muscles and makes you stronger. This means that you will ALWAYS use the strictest of form when you do the movement but constantly working to failure. You should get into the habit of selecting a weight that you could do 8 to 12 reps with.

If you fail at 8 reps you should then rest for 10 or 15 seconds and try and squeeze out another 5 reps. It is by training with this type of intensity that building muscle can be guaranteed. There is no easy way to build muscle and if it were that easy everyone would have muscles.

Any good 12 week bodybuilding routine will include a HIT part as well as a Volume part which have both been proven to work just as well. The volume that you lift in your routines is the sets and reps that you do and not related to how much weight you lift.

After training with an effective HIT routine for about three weeks you would then start to increase the volume that you do. If you are really getting stronger you will be able to increase your volume without actually increasing the time that you train.

Below you will see an example of what the first 6 weeks of any good 12 week program will be able to achieve.

Upper Body
Push Press 6 x 6-10
Power Clean 6 x 6-10
Decline Dumbbell Press 5 x 6-10
Bent Row 6 x 6-10
Arnold Press 5 x 6-10
Snatch 4 x 6-8

Lower Body
Front Squat or Deadlift 7 x 6-8
Leg Curl 5 x 8-10
Back Squat 7 x 6-8
Standing Calf Raises 5 x 10-20

It is important to note that you would be training two days on and then two days rest by the time you reached the middle of the 12 week program. The last 6 weeks of the program would be a steady increase in the volume even if it did lengthen your workout time.

You would then still continue to increase the number of sets but now you start to reduce the rep range that you do and so you start training with 6 and 8 reps. This will dramatically increase your strength but you need to make 100% sure that you are ALWAYS using strict form.

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